The International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy
國際中西哲學比較研究學會 (ISCWP)

Established in 2002, ISCWP is a non-profit, independent philosophical society in the international academic arena. The Society aims at (1) promoting comparative studies of Chinese philosophy and Western philosophy (possibly including relevant resources from other philosophical traditions whenever in need) toward world philosophy, (2) facilitating academic contact and exchange of ideas and information among interested philosophers in various regions, and (3) providing channels to bring together philosophers from Chinese, Western and other philosophical traditions for learning from each other and joint endeavor to contribute to the common philosophical enterprise.

With the preceding general purposes and with the understanding of comparative philosophy as a general way of doing philosophy through cross-tradition engagement toward world philosophy, the Society emphasizes (but is not limited to) the cross-tradition constructive engagement between distinct approaches and resources from Chinese, Western and other philosophical traditions (distinguished culturally or by orientation/style); the Society stresses the sensitivity of such comparative studies to contemporary development and resources of philosophy and their mutual advancement; and, through the characteristic path of comparative studies of Chinese and Western philosophy, the Society strives to contribute to philosophy as common human wealth as well as to respective studies of Chinese philosophy and Western philosophy. The Society also emphasizes building up a channel and outlet for the academic exchange and communication between the homeland of Chinese philosophy and the Western world in philosophy.

The Society is also constructively open for academic cooperation with some other institutions or associations that more or less share the same goal and concerns and have distinct but complementary emphases and/or coverages.

For the full text of the ISCWP's Constitution (the 9 October 2023 amended version together with its Chinese translation), please click here.

The current website <> is the ISCWP's new website for info since July 2023. The previous website of ISCWP at <> [built via free service ] is neither able to be updated nor available for visits in some parts of China due to the limitation of the free service; its content (the relevant info before 2023) is still available for visits in USA etc.